Products for power - what increases and what decreases?

chicken eggs and banana to increase activity

The basic list of foods to increase strength includes seafood, seeds and nuts - they contain iodine and zinc, which are important for the production of testosterone and other male hormones. If these products are not included in your diet, the potency may be reduced.

In addition, foods that reduce activity are sources of trans fats (chips, fast food), fast carbohydrates (sugary drinks) and excessive amounts of saturated fats (fatty meats). Each of these products impairs activity through a special mechanism of metabolic disorders.

Effect of products on activity

eggplant dishes to increase activity

Many foods we eat daily are able to increase or decrease strength and sexual libido. The reason is simple - the balance of nutrients and the presence of harmful chemicals (for example, trans fats) in the product.

Habits also ultimately affect the quality of an erection. For example, smoking reduces the elasticity of blood vessels - including the vessels of the penis. Not to mention that regular alcohol consumption also lowers testosterone levels, reducing potency.

How to increase activity

Strength training is one of the easiest ways to increase the production of testosterone and other male sex hormones - something that definitely increases activity. Not to mention, a muscular and athletic figure will significantly increase your sex.

The good news is that the diet required for muscle growth has a positive effect on hormone levels and ultimately leads to increased libido. In addition, meat products contain zinc and iron, which are essential nutrients for activity.

Healthy erection

For many men, health is primarily a healthy ability. Unfortunately, losing it is not that difficult, especially if you neglect the simple things. 20 foods harmful to the activity that you should avoid.

  1. Commercially available beef, chicken and pork contain significant amounts of hormones that are added to animal feed to accelerate weight gain. When a large amount of such meat is consumed, the hormonal background changes.
  2. The most advanced blow to male strength is beer. In addition to alcohol, it contains phytoestrogens - female sex hormones. A man's beer belly is an indicator of the onset of female obesity.
  3. Even the weakest of the drugs, marijuana lowers the level of testosterone in the blood and disrupts the coordinated release of hormones. In addition, marijuana damages chromosomes, causing genetic mutations.
  4. Most often, erectile dysfunction occurs after taking antidepressants. With long-term use, these drugs can cause changes in the motor centers of the brain and lead to the development of parkinsonism.
  5. The main pathological effect of nicotine is persistent spasm (ie narrowing) of small-diameter vessels, including those that supply blood to the penis. In addition, atherosclerosis develops from smoking, which leads to blockage of blood vessels.
  6. Transgenic fats found in junk food, margarine and even ice cream cause gene mutations and hormonal changes. Most importantly, they lower testosterone levels.
  7. Research shows that of the 200 most common drugs, 16 are capable of causing impotence. The list included medicines used for hypertension, anticonvulsants, sedatives, sleeping pills and treatments for stomach ulcers.
  8. Caffeine destroys free testosterone, which ultimately increases female hormone levels. On the other hand, caffeine does not last that long and is quickly eliminated from the body.
  9. The main reason for the violation of the quality of erections in the context of alcohol consumption is the violation of liver function and, therefore, the violation of the exchange of male hormones, on which normal sexual function depends.
  10. The body produces testosterone, growth hormone and other key hormones during sleep. As a result, its deficiency adversely affects both immunity and the maintenance of male strength.
  11. Pastries and pastries contain many foods that lower testosterone levels: acids, yeast and sugar. On the other hand, this does not apply to black and white yeast-free bread.
  12. The body gets a high concentration of anabolic steroids in the blood for increased testosterone content. As a result, the production of its own male sex hormones is inhibited and the testicles that are left without work are reduced in size.
  13. Numerous studies have shown convincingly that in those who cling to the saddle and pedal diligently, the blood vessels that go to the penis sting and the blood supply to the pelvic organs is disrupted.
  14. On the one hand, the body needs cholesterol to produce testosterone, but, on the other hand, its excess leads to vascular blockage. Including the vessels of the penis, which significantly affect the erection.
  15. Sausages and various smoked meats contain liquid tobacco. When ingested, it causes toxic damage to testicular tissues - the glands that produce 95% of the testosterone in the body.
  16. High blood sugar is one of the main risk factors for impotence. Glucose molecules inhibit the work of nerve endings, which negatively affects the erection. A safe dose of sugar does not exceed 50 g per day.
  17. Natural skim milk contains natural bovine estrogen. Therefore, milk in large quantities is good for children and women and not for men. Quantity plays a major role here as well. Milk is safe up to one liter per day.
  18. It has been shown experimentally that increased sodium content reduces testosterone production. Salt is naturally necessary to regulate the water balance in the body. But everything needs a measure. It is not the salt that is harmful, but the excess.
  19. With obesity, the hormonal balance is severely disturbed, testosterone production decreases and blood glucose levels rise. Secondary sexual characteristics become less intense, there are problems with erection.
  20. Soy contains phytoestrogens - plant analogues of the female sex hormone. In small quantities, it is harmless, but not suitable as a complete meat substitute, as the production of male hormones is inhibited.