Products that increase activity in men - what should be in the diet?

The quality of food affects the well-being and strength of men. Introducing high quality, proper diet products can significantly improve men's health and increase libido. There is no single diet for all men. It is worth taking into account the individual characteristics of the body, age, psycho-emotional state, the presence of chronic stress, physical activity. There are objective pathological reasons that can cause power disturbances. If the cause of erectile dysfunction is a pathological condition, then a change in diet is indicated during complex therapy.

The objective advice that is suitable for all men is to monitor their daily diet, drink, physical activity and also to eliminate the source of stress.

Which foods increase activity?

The list of products that increase the activity is extensive. When introducing any group to the diet, it is important to consider food tolerance, as well as a history of chronic diseases, to which this or that type of food may be contraindicated.

In order for the products to have the maximum benefit, it is recommended to use them baked or baked. Excessive amount of fried food is contraindicated for men.

Men are advised to pay attention to such products:

  • Whole grains, porridge: contains a large amount of fiber, rich in B vitamins, minerals and androstenone, which increases the activity.
  • Soybeans: Beans contain phytonutrients of hormones, as well as flavonoids that prevent the development of prostate cancer and normalize cholesterol.
  • Onions and garlic contain a large amount of nutrients that have a beneficial effect on activity and restore male hormone levels.
  • Ginger tea - the drink contains a large amount of ascorbic acid, vitamin A and group B, as well as anti-inflammatory substances that strengthen blood vessels, improve brain function and increase strength.
  • Chicken, quail eggs - rich in choline, healthy fats, which are essential for the normal functioning of the hormonal system, as well as B vitamins, which are involved in the synthesis of male sex hormones, eliminate stress.
  • products of animal origin: the use of free-range and grass-fed poultry meat is recommended, as well as a dietary rabbit (red meat is consumed in limited quantities).
  • Beekeeping products: moderate consumption of high quality natural honey increases the activity, the immune state of the body, improves the general well-being of men. For best results, honey can be combined with nuts, fresh or dried ginger, which help increase the amount of male sex hormones.
  • fruit and vegetables.

It is also recommended to include foods that have been fermented in the diet: cabbage, beets, pickled apples and cucumbers to restore the intestinal microflora and increase strength.

The same product can have diametrically opposed effects on the body of each individual. For this reason, the new food is carefully introduced, in small portions, observing the reaction of the body. Do not overuse any type of food. Meals should be varied and complete.

Fiber sources

In the diet of every man, there should be a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, leafy greens. The useful ingredients of fresh seasonal products not only increase the activity, but also restore the work of the gastrointestinal tract, improve the stool. Fruits contain enzymes that increase libido, as well as minerals to increase energy, stamina and endurance.

Fruits and berries with rich bright colors are especially useful for men's health. For example, blueberries, mulberries and blackberries contain a record of antioxidants. The bright orange fruit is rich in lutein - an essential substance for male potency and the normal functioning of the visual organs, which are also involved in the production of male sex hormones.

To prevent prostatitis and increase libido, the use of fresh herbs is also recommended: basil, parsley, celery. Greens are rich in minerals and vitamins.

What are the benefits of nuts

Nuts contain fatty acids that are essential for the synthesis of male sex hormones. Men are advised to use:

  • fresh almonds;
  • hazel?
  • Brazilian peanuts?
  • Walnuts, which contain a lot of arginine - amino acids for health, strength and longevity of men.

Nuts can cause an allergic reaction, so eat them with great care, in limited quantities.

It is also useful for men to consume sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds. As an alternative to nuts, you can include plenty of plums and sunflower seeds in your diet.


Seafood contains a large amount of digestible protein and zinc, which are quickly consumed in the male body. Thanks to minerals, male hormones are produced. Oysters are high in dopamine, a substance that rapidly increases libido.

Seafood can also cause allergic reactions. At the first symptoms of intolerance, it is necessary to take an antihistamine and consult a doctor.

It is recommended to use seafood broth based on crayfish, oysters, shrimp with the addition of fresh fish caviar.

Mackerel and butterfly - a fish that increases activity in men

Products for the restoration of the psycho-emotional state

In most cases, power problems are caused by chronic stress, violation of work and rest regime, nervousness. To restore the psychological state, it is recommended to include the following foods in the diet:

  • Bitter, natural chocolate, which is a natural antidepressant and increases serotonin.
  • Bananas - fruits are rich in magnesium and potassium, which are necessary to ensure nervous regulation, good, deep sleep, the normal functioning of the reproductive system.
  • Brazil nuts - a natural source of selenium, which has a strong sedative effect, participates in detoxification processes, is consumed in the male body as fast as zinc.
  • Cold-water fatty fish, which contain polyunsaturated fatty acids that help relieve stress, have a beneficial effect on vascular endothelium and prevent the development of erectile dysfunction.

Food of animal origin is also recommended, which is rich in methionine and B vitamins, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the central nervous system.

What are the benefits of nitric oxide?

Scientists have found that high nitric oxide significantly increases activity and improves men's health. The substance is found in hot chili peppers, beef liver, lamb, salmon, tuna, cheese, eggs and whole grains.

Foods rich in niacin (nicotinic acid) are also indicated for the formation of enzymes and the restoration of redox reactions. To replenish it, it is recommended to use sour, sage, mint, clover, parsley, nettle, ponytail, ginseng and alfalfa.

What to eat for testosterone synthesis

Zinc is a key component in the synthesis of the male hormone testosterone. This element has a beneficial effect on the state of power, it is necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, which is also involved in the production of hormones. To maintain optimal zinc levels, the following are recommended:

  • fresh oysters and shellfish.
  • Seaweed;
  • chicken liver?
  • soft cheeses;
  • Pine?
  • fats rich in fat.

Zinc is quickly consumed during hypothermia: peripheral vascular spasm occurs and the mineral leaves the body along with the urine. If a man is constantly frozen, then immunity is reduced, erectile dysfunction occurs.

Products that strengthen blood vessels

Erectile dysfunction is often due to cardiovascular disease. An erection occurs in response to a complex cascade of vascular responses to signals from the central nervous system. To strengthen blood vessels, it is recommended to use:

  • Fruits and berries, which contain a large amount of bioflavonoids (vitamin K, routine), as well as vitamin C. These substances enhance the effectiveness of the other. To strengthen the vascular wall, the use of cherries, raspberries, strawberries, sweet cherries is recommended.
  • Avocado fruit, which are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, copper, iron. Such substances have a beneficial effect on the process of blood formation and also restore the vascular walls.

It is also recommended to eat wild cold water fish, citrus fruits, pomegranates and fresh strawberries.

For a general enhancement and increase in strength, the use of ginseng, garlic and natural honey is useful.

If diet correction does not eliminate the problems with activity, then it is recommended to avoid self-medication and seek advice from a urologist. The specialist will prescribe a comprehensive examination and select the appropriate treatment.

In addition to correcting diet, it is important to give up bad habits: smoking, alcohol, as well as maintaining a work and rest regime, sleeping and drinking plenty of plain water. Moderate physical activity allows you to increase and maintain optimal testosterone levels, improve physical and psycho-emotional state.