Folk remedies for men

Weak potency is a purely individual problem of each man, which he is not always ready to share, even with doctors. In this case, folk remedies come to the rescue to increase potency in men.

folk remedies to increase potency

Provided that the disease has not yet led to a deep stage (incapacity), you can use non-traditional treatment methods that can directly compete with current medicine.

How folk remedies can help with weak potency

The high prices of erectile dysfunction drugs and mistrust of medical professionals sometimes force men to seek help from various therapists and healers.

What is the reason for such popularity? Everything is very simple. Before modern medicine, people had no other way to deal with power, other than using nature's natural gifts. The effectiveness of folk remedies has been proven for centuries. During this time humanity not only did not die out, but also increased significantly. And this is direct proof that "grandfather's methods" work.

In addition, natural folk remedies and their ingredients are safer than many artificially synthesized drugs. This does not mean that natural ingredients do not have contraindications for use, each person has his own body, but their list is so low that it can never be compared with synthetic substances.

There are many natural remedies that prevent not only the manifestation of a weak erection, but also other diseases, for example, increasing immunity. Attraction and ways to use them easily. Many tinctures and medicines do not require complex application schemes. It is enough to use them 1-2 times a week, as an oral intake.

Many herbal preparations leave behind a long and stable effect. The resulting effect remains for a long time. As for saving money, then you can't argue at all. The price of natural plant medicines is much lower than pharmacy medicines. And many of them can be collected and prepared independently at home.

What problems do folk remedies help to deal with?

With the help of traditional medicine methods, many health indicators can be improved. For example, to improve male potency, while acting as the main natural medicine. But it should be understood that treatment is possible, with a slight disturbance of sexual function. If the disease has a more advanced stage, a doctor's intervention and a more comprehensive approach to the disease may be required.

With the help of folk fees, you can improve your health in the following areas:

  • improve the functioning of the nervous system
  • strengthen weak erections
  • strengthening suppressed immunity
  • stop prostate inflammation
  • normalization of metabolism
  • cope with stress and anxiety
  • boost testosterone production
  • improve the functioning of the nervous system
  • restore blood circulation

Ingredients for the preparation of folk remedies

The ingredients used in folk remedies to treat erectile dysfunction are rich in variety. Various plants, essential oils and ordinary foods rich in organic compounds are used for the preparation of medicines. Consider the most commonly used ingredients:

  • Ginger - able to provide the body with good blood circulation
  • Thyme - increases and improves semen
  • Lemongrass - has a positive effect on nerve endings and stabilizes the functioning of the nervous system
  • Clove is similar to a natural aphrodisiac, it has a calming effect.
  • Aloe vera boosts testosterone
  • Nettle - improves the functioning of the urinary system
  • Ginseng - has a stimulating effect
  • Horseradish - affects the duration of sexual intercourse, stimulates sexual desire
  • Parsley - like aloe, increases testosterone
  • St. John's wort - helps to improve the psychological state, improves blood circulation
  • Ivan-tea - has healing properties of the prostate gland
  • Hawthorn - prolongs sexual intercourse, has a positive effect on the treatment of the prostate
  • Turmeric is a sexual enhancer and a natural aphrodisiac.
  • Mummy - strengthens the immune system
  • Kalgan - restores the damaged walls of blood vessels
  • Calamus swamp - causes physiological excitement, stimulates the whole body
  • Propolis - stabilizes the work of the prostate
  • Eleftherokos - activates the male libido, gives a strong erection
  • Beaver current - affects sexual activity
  • Rose Rhodiola - improves the functioning of the circulatory system, activates male libido

Nutrition to improve men's health

In order not to fail male strength, it is necessary to consume foods rich in zinc, selenium, vitamins and minerals. For sexual viability and potency enhancement, products can be divided into four groups:

  • Fast acting products
  • Products for testosterone production
  • Products for the normal functioning of the circulatory system
  • Products for the emotional background, soothing

The first group of products is becoming the most popular, with the appearance of frequent failures during sexual intimacy. In this case, the diet should include:

  1. Onion. The use of onions directly increases blood circulation in the genitals, the sensitivity of the penis becomes much more noticeable. To achieve an enhanced effect, you can combine onions with chicken or quail eggs.
  2. Celery. A vegetable that has a fertile effect on sex hormones. After eating celery, 1-2 hours are enough for a man to feel a surge of power, as a strong erection and desire for sex.
  3. Fresh berries with natural cream. Such a cocktail has a very good effect on increasing potency. The most preferred berries are blueberries, blackberries, blackberries, cherries and black currants. It should not be consumed long before intimacy.
  4. Red wine. No more than 1-2 glasses should be consumed, otherwise the opposite effect may follow. Red wine directly stimulates blood flow and increases the sensitivity of nerve endings.
  5. Sychuzhina (stomach or gastric juice of young camels). The best way to increase male potency. For a long-lasting stone, it is enough to drink or eat a small portion of the medicine (5-10 g)

The second group of products is designed to produce and increase testosterone, which directly affects stable male potency. Testosterone provides sexual desire and promotes strong erections. Includes the following products:

  1. Chicken and quail eggs. Synthesize male androgen (a group of steroid male sex hormones).
  2. Rape. Enhances overall male health. Fills the body with nutrients, synthesizes testosterone.
  3. Beans. Contains zinc, vegetable proteins and dietary fiber. It has a low calorie content. Good for overweight men.
  4. Beef. It contains a huge amount of protein and zinc. Increases testosterone levels, builds muscle mass.
  5. Oysters. Beneficial when used exclusively in raw form. For taste, you can pour squeezed lemon juice. They contain a lot of zinc and amino acids.

The third group of products aims to improve the circulatory system. It improves the circulation processes in the body, it directly affects the erectile state of the penis. This product group includes the following ingredients:

  1. Natural honey. It helps to improve blood flow in the penis, produces testosterone, supplies the body with protein.
  2. NUTS. One of the best products for improving erectile function. They contain a large number of amino acids. When used together with ginger, they enhance the healing effect.
  3. Watermelon. A berry that has a beneficial effect on the condition of blood vessels. Increases strength, prevents oncological pathologies.
  4. Natural pomegranate juice. Improves blood circulation in the genitals, affects the functioning of the arteries. Stabilizes the state of the central nervous system.
  5. Koumiss. Mare's milk restores metabolism in the body, strengthens blood vessels and improves blood composition. It brings great benefits, unlike cow's and goat's milk.

And the last, fourth group of products, has a positive effect on the emotional state, which is often the cause of sexual dysfunction, especially in young boys. Erection is strongly affected by stressful situations, overwork, difficulties in relationships. Let's look at products that will help cope with emotional disorders no worse than pharmacy drugs:

  1. Hylos Heracles. It contains amino acids that can produce the hormone of happiness. It regulates the level of glucose in the blood, improves the psychological background.
  2. Lentils. It suppresses the feeling of depression in the body, provides folic acid, produces serotonin (one of the main neurotransmitters).
  3. Bitter chocolate. Enhances the feeling of love, stimulates attraction. Excessive use of this product is not recommended (2-3 pieces are enough). Consuming large amounts of dark chocolate can have negative effects on the body.
  4. Bananas. They produce a happy hormone, help fight depression, relieve anxiety, induce a feeling of euphoria and improve mood.
  5. Fatty fish. Rich in omega-3 acids. Help restore mood. It can improve brain function.

Folk methods to increase potency

For effective power restoration with folk methods, the following can be distinguished:

  • Massage - depending on the technique, can provide intense stimulation. It has a beneficial effect on erogenous zones.
  • Essential oils or aromatherapy - added to the bath or sprayed with a diffuser. They have many different effects, depending on the raw material. They can affect blood circulation in the body, have a calming effect.
  • Acupuncture - stimulates the body by inserting special needles into bio-points throughout the body. It is widely used in oriental medicine.
  • Hirudotherapy is a treatment with medical leeches that feed the body with healing mucus that contains many components that affect the condition of the blood.
  • Phytotherapy - includes special medicinal decoctions of natural herbs. Used as compresses or bath additives. It has a therapeutic effect.

Food supplements based on natural ingredients

Since all natural organic ingredients have healing properties, specialized biologically active additives that have a complex effect on the entire male body have been widely used. As part of dietary supplements, sets of natural ingredients are most often used.

The demand for dietary supplements has become widespread among men. All organic supplements can be purchased in specialized pharmacies or ordered on the websites of dietary supplement manufacturers.

How to get the maximum effect from the use of folk remedies

First of all, it is necessary to find out the causes that led to the disease. If the reason is clear, then you need to take into account the fact that all folk remedies work only with small deviations. If the pathology is serious, then it is necessary to contact the appropriate specialist in this field.

As for erectile dysfunction in men, here an integrated approach to treatment should be applied. The first step is to revise your lifestyle: go outside more, exercise, learn to cope with stressful situations and spend more time on rest and sleep.

When undergoing treatment with folk remedies, you must carefully follow the recommendations for making decoctions and potions. Follow the instructions for clear doses and complete the full course of treatment, without stopping at the first improvements.

By performing complex treatment, you can always deal with weak power and other types of diseases.