Is sperm released during sex: truth and myths

Few of the sexual partners are happy with an unplanned pregnancy. Even women, who are more interested in marriage and serious relationships, are confused about whether sperm is released during sex. This is especially true for young people who do not yet want to have children. Lubrication for intercourse is necessary to make the process enjoyable. And it does have sperm, but it's possible to get pregnant from it. Let's figure it out.

Male rejection: classification

To understand the risk of getting pregnant from male lubricant, you need to know its classification:

  1. Lube is a clear, thick liquid that appears at the time of sexual arousal. Sex lube contains a minimal amount of semen, which means the risk of conception is minimal.

  2. Smegma is a white discharge during intercourse, which can also occur before the procedure. They have an unpleasant smell, because sebum is a mixture of secretion produced by the sebaceous glands, moisture and dead epithelium. This white discharge accumulates on the glans during intercourse and is often mixed with female lubrication. These discharges after intercourse are not dangerous. White discharge is only worth worrying about if it is a sign of illness.

    Smegma, despite its natural origin, in the absence of proper hygiene, can cause an unpleasant odor and a number of complications. The sebaceous glands of the head and foreskin are responsible for its production. It is, in fact, fat, which, without hygiene, accumulates and starts to smell bad. For pathogenic microflora, this is a fertile environment, so microbes and fungi can cause an inflammatory process.

    The peak activity of the sebaceous glands of the head of the penis and the foreskin is the age of men from 16 to 25 years. At this age sexual activity is also at its peak. The older a man gets, the less sebum he produces. You can avoid a white coating on the penis by washing it twice a day. With heavy secretions, it is recommended to use antibacterial gels for personal hygiene. Soap is better not to take, because it can dry out the sensitive skin of the head of the penis.

Sperm may be present in a man's preejaculate

When should you pay attention to lubrication?

Whether it is clear or white discharge, there is a risk of pregnancy during intercourse, which should be the reason for choosing a safer method of contraception than intermittent sex.

Often, rejection during stimulation is not associated with pathologies, but there are times when you should pay attention to them:

  • when the color of the discharge is abnormal, such as yellowish, greenish or gray.
  • Semen or urine has blood stains.
  • the discharge has purulent formations or clots.
  • they emit an unpleasant odor, which is most often the result of an infection in the genitourinary system.
  • an erection causes pain or discomfort;

All of the above may indicate the activity in the body of the pathological process. If it is accompanied by itching, swelling or hyperemia, then you should urgently visit a doctor. Self-medication can only worsen the condition and cause serious complications. Only a complete diagnosis will show the essence of the problem, after which the correct treatment will be prescribed.

Causes of mucus formation

Lubrication for intercourse is a necessary phenomenon. The arousal of the partners turns into a prelude, where their caresses, intimate kisses inflame even more, as a result of which mucus is formed. If it is not there, then for both partners sex will be a torture with pain and discomfort. So nature has made sure that the pleasure is complete and painless, the lubrication of the penis and the lubrication of the woman contribute to this. Distributions during sexual intercourse, especially if they are abundant, lead girls to panic and suddenly this is the release of sperm in orgasm. Lubrication during intercourse will be colorless, but to find out if it will cause pregnancy, you need to know what it is and where it comes from.

What is lubricant?

It is not difficult to understand what is released before semen, this is a man's natural lubricant, which appears when sexual stimulation occurs. It is called mucus, pre-sperm or pre-ejaculation. This fluid comes out of the urethra. The rule is its transparency and stickiness. The bulbourethral glands are responsible for the formation of lubricant, leaving them, it passes through the urethra and appears as a drop on the glans penis. The process is especially active during foreplay or watching an exciting video. At an early stage of sexual intercourse and shortly before orgasm, ejaculation can stand out especially abundantly. But all this is natural and should not disturb the partners.

How much pre-ejaculate is released?

The amount of mucus secreted by each man will be individual. Abundant secretions during intercourse show how aroused a man is. And the higher this condition is, the more ejaculate is released. For someone it is a drop, and for someone it is enough - about 5-6 ml. Sometimes discharge during sexual intercourse does not appear at all. Why is there little lubrication? It directly depends on a man's body and his state of health.

Pre-ejaculation may contain some sperm. When you think about whether sperm is released during intercourse, the answer is yes. For some, even this small amount can be enough to get them pregnant. Profuse discharge during intercourse is a reason to refuse protection from intermittent intercourse. The premenstrual itself in its original composition does not have sperm, but when it passes through the channels, its remains can enter the mucus.

Great! Abundant discharge during sexual intercourse, including white discharge, is a reason to visit the hospital to undergo a differential diagnosis that will exclude prostorrhoea - the entry of juice from the prostate during urination or bowel movements.

Preseed mode

Lubrication during sexual intercourse is important, because its special composition disinfects and removes acid after urination. This is a natural preparation of the body to withdraw the seed, which will pass through the prepared channel without problems. In the female vagina, the microflora is acidic to prevent various diseases. But an acidic environment is also harmful to sperm, making it weak and ineffective. And pre-ejaculation reduces acidity and when the sperm is released, the female body is ready to receive it, ensuring conception.

Can a girl get pregnant from lube?

Girls are very worried about whether sperm is released during intercourse. Although there is a little bit of it in the oil, there is a risk of getting pregnant. Repeated studies have shown that the release of sperm during intercourse is minimal. Sperm are sluggish and their ability to fertilize an egg is questionable, especially if the cervical mucus produced by the cervix is present.

Analyzes have shown that in most men, the lubricant contains no sperm at all. When an accumulation of spermatozoa was found in the ducts, they were analyzed and identified as incompetent. Therefore, sex with such a man is completely safe, but it is impossible to know for sure that there is no sperm in the oil or that it is inactive. Therefore, doctors do not recommend having unprotected sex to avoid an unplanned pregnancy.

To protect yourself from conception, you can adopt a number of preventive measures:

  • use any contraception from barrier to calendar.
  • Both partners must monitor personal hygiene, wash before and after sex.
  • a man after the first intercourse has to empty the bladder to remove the remains of the seed and for a woman this is a way to make the environment in the vagina acidic again.
  • after sex, use a weak acid solution to wash or wash, using lemon juice or boric acid.
Condoms and birth control pills will prevent unwanted pregnancy


Is sperm released before orgasm? Most often this happens if it is repeated intercourse. The urethra may contain active sperm that has not had time to exit. This is what causes an unplanned pregnancy. The risk of getting pregnant in this case is 30%. There is a way to reduce the activity of such an option. There are many sperm cells in the semen, and although there are few in the oil, they can also be active. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce their activity with the acid contained in the urine. You just need to urinate after the first sexual intercourse. This will reduce the risk of conception to 7-10%.

Debunking myths

When men ejaculate during unprotected sex, the risk of getting pregnant is extremely high. This leads to the fact that most young couples believe in conception from a single sperm. Indeed, only one sperm penetrates the egg, which leads to conception. But fertilization is the collective work of a large number of sperm, which die and are lost on the way to the egg. Even the most persistent needs a stream of partners, otherwise he will not achieve his goal. It is also important for him to meet on this path a mature egg, which matures only once a month.

Pregnancy is not easy and for this to happen, certain factors must match:

  1. The egg must be fully mature and ready to conceive a child.
  2. Active sperm must find this egg and fertilize it quickly. Most often this happens when a girl is ovulating.
  3. A man's lube should have a high active sperm count. After all, most of the time the average man has either few or none. Even for a particular man, the amount of sperm in the lubricant can change from day to day and depends on various reasons.

Even the white discharge after intercourse, if it is not semen, will contain a small amount of semen. So it is better to have safe sex.


Answering the main question of all girls, can they get pregnant from male lubricant, you can safely answer "yes". But the probability of this is still minimal. Because of this, sexual partners who are not yet ready to become parents should be protected with condoms or birth control pills. Barrier contraception in this case is the only option for safe enjoyment.

For those to whom such options are unacceptable, you can choose to prevent pregnancy by ceasing intercourse alongside the calendar method. According to him, partners are guided by the barren days that appear in each woman's menstrual cycle. This method is suitable only for those girls who know that their cycle is regular and accurate. This is the only way to keep track of safe days and enjoy unprotected sex. This method is used by most couples, but there is some risk in it, because a failure can happen in any organization.