G spot in men: how to enhance sexual pleasure

A girl knows how to please her man by stimulating the G-spot

Everyone has heard of the mysterious spots on a woman's body, the caress that can enhance sexual pleasure. Do men have such spots? G - point, the stimulation of which gives the representative of the stronger sex real bliss. In the article, you will learn where the G-spot is located in men and how to influence it.

How to find the G spot in men

A man experiences real bliss from G-spot stimulation

Where is the G spot in men? The answer to this question is simple - a man's G-spot is located near the prostate gland (prostate gland) between the testicles and the anus. There are many nerve fibers in this zone, so the touch is particularly sensitive and quickly causes an erection, intensifying the sexual response. You can act on the G-spot on men from the outside or you can reach it gently through the anus if the man doesn't mind.

How to stimulate the G-spot in men

The easiest and most effective way to affect the erogenous G-spot in men is to lightly massage the area where the G-spot in men is located. To enhance pleasure while massaging the G-spot in men, you should use a lubricating gel - your fingers will glide better over your partner's skin.

Perform light circular movements from the anus to the scrotum and back. You can enhance the effect if you act on the G-spot in men by approaching it through the anus. To do this, insert your fingers, well lubricated with lubricant, to a depth of 4-5 cm.

G-spot stimulation in men can be combined with oral sex, so the man feels maximum comfort and relaxation, which further enhances sexual pleasure.

The effect on the G-spot is not only pleasant, but also useful. Prostate massage reduces the risk of tumor growth. By giving pleasure to your partner, you are also taking care of his health.